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Yashira Cruz

Office Manager
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Yashira is the oldest of 3 children. Her father is a pastor from Brooklyn NYC. The family moved back and forth from New York and Puerto Rico. Spending years at a time in missions and church work in Puerto Rico. She grew up speaking Spanish and learned English in school. When she moved to the states at age 11, it was important to lose her accent but keep her love of her native language and is teaching her children both English and Spanish.

In 2001 her father moved the family from the city to central PA. It was here Yashira earned a Psychology degree from Penn State, met her husband, and started a family of her own. The Lord has blessed them with 2 young children of their own.

She attends the Spanish church that her father is pastor of. Yashira and her husband are very involved in the youth and young adult programs at the church. To this day she considers her mother her best friend. The church community and family is what Yashira’s life revolves around. Having her mother close at hand is a huge help with her 2 young children that both women dote on and spoil rotten. Kids are only small for so long so Yashira is savoring every moment while they last.

When Yashira came to work for PA Deals 3 years ago as Zacks’s personal assistant he knew he needed some help, he just didn’t know how much. Within weeks of her hire he was wondering why he waited so long to bring on an assistant and supremely grateful no one scooped her up first. She was delighted to find a rewarding job within just 2 weeks of her PSU graduation. Her duties now, include all facets of office management. As the US lending landscape recovers someone needs to serve as a link between banks and clients to insure smooth loan processing. Yashira’s skill set ideally suits her for these tasks.

Yashira exhibits a calm demeanor and poise while solving problems in the high stress fast pace of day to day real estate investing. Characteristics that are so emblematic of an eldest child and strengthened by a deep and abiding inner faith.

Having Yashira on the team allows Zack to focus on what he does best, interfacing with clients and big picture strategic planning for the company.